Monday, March 28, 2011

Profile of artist Sukanya Koosappa

It is with pleasure I introduce Sukanya Koosappa - the next debut artist of my Fine Art Gurukul who will be taking part in the forthcoming art show 'The Drawing Room Collection' to be held from 16th May 2011 through 25th May 2011 at Chitra Kala Parishath - Bangalore.

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Sukanya Koosappa artist

Soft spoken Sukanya Koosappa is a great lover of nature and Flowers. Her inerest in the nuances of art keeps her leisure time packed with shuttling between drawing and painting classes trying to 'make hay as the sun shines' as they say.

Enjoying the process of creating art itself is second nature to her. Her brush strokes and choice of stunning color combinations seem to breathe life into her paintngs with great ease.

Sukanya has chosen to paint portraits (close-ups) of beautiful flowers for her botanical collection called ' Floral Essence'. Having lived close to nature in her hometowm Mangalore, flowers seem to remind her of the lovely times spent in her home garden as a little girl. Not surprisingly, she has successfully brought the aroma of the flowers into her canvas. 

Here is what she has to say about herself.

Hi!! I am sukanya, born and brought up in Mangalore. I come from a family where everyone poses immense interest in art and music. Hence the artistic instinct has come naturally to me. I have been doing pencil sketch and pastel drawing since my childhood. I have participated in various art competitions during schooling. I have also won 1st prize in an inter school competition. I pursued my Post Graduation (M. Sc) in Information System from Mangalore University and came to Bangalore few years back to take up a career as an IT professional. Along with my job simultaneously I also decided to persist with my passion for art. Since then I have known and practiced various other form of art. I have been doing pencil sketch and charcoal paintings. Two years back I was fortunate to meet Madam Usha Shantaram from whom I learnt Acrylic painting. I generally do landscape and still life paintings.

Next to my family and friends it’s my canvas and colors which make my world complete. As I have been painting for quite long now, my passion for art has flourished to perfection. I find myself more confident in capturing my imagination on canvas and showcase it to world. This is my first art show and I am grateful to Usha madam for giving me this esteemed opportunity.

The Theme of my painting is “Floral Essence”. The cheerfully blooming flowers in my own house garden and in the surroundings have inspired me to take up this theme. I have seen even a withered plant come alive under my mom’s love and care and I have tried my best to capture some of those thriving beautiful flowers on the canvas. It has been totally a wonderful experience for me to explore the beauty of variety of flowers and then capture them on the canvas.

Sukanya Koosappa 

Here is a teaser painting ' The Daisy' by artist Sukanya Koosappa.

'The Daisy'  - painting by artist Sukanya Koosappa
acrylic on canvas
size : 30"x30" inches (square format)

There will be more introduction in future posts of remaining debut artists who will be taking part in ' The Drawing Room Collection' art show scheduled for a May 2011 release. 

Scroll down to look up on the profile of artist Sankara Rao Bhatta.
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Profile of artist Sankar Rao Bhatta

Sankar Rao Bhatta

In view of the fast approaching art show 'The  Drawing Room Collection'  which will feature 4 students of art from Usha's Art Class, I present proudly the first student of art Sankar Rao Bhatta who will make his debut in this show. 

The art show 'The Drawing Room Collection' is scheduled for 16th May 2011 release. 

Sankara Rao Bhatta immensely enjoys stroking on his canvas with a brush during every available free time that he can muster - which is every weekday right after the hectic work as a software proffessional (whew!) on weekdays, and also at weekends at class. 

He already had a fine hand in charcoals when he joined in to learn acrylic paintng and has evolved into a fine art painter through a period of about 3 years. 

Bhatta presents a colleciton of 'Indian Countryscapes' in his debut fine art show to be held in May 2011 at the Chitra Kala Parishath Bangalore. He takes you on a tour of the Indian countryside replete with beautiful landscapes and happy country people - using intense colors and brushstrokes that easily pulls the heartstrings of a nature lover who has experienced the same. Bhatta's fond memories of his childhood have now been etched on canvas for ever. 

Here is what he has to say about himself -  

"Born in small village called Pedana (near Machilipatnam) in Andhra Pradesh, I was initiated to art at an early age in school days. I fell in love with Geometry and engineering drawing in my college days at REC Warangal and it was my favorite subject in studies. I started with pencil and charcoal sketches as hobby when I was doing my Mtech at IIT Bombay, which later turned into a serious part of my life. I had participated in a college level drawing competition and won the second prize. I was always impressed by the works of legends like Raja Ravi Varma and dreamt of doing paintings like them. After coming to Bangalore to work as an IT professional, I made a step forward towards achieving my dream by starting learning acrylic painting from Usha Shantharam madam few years ago. I like doing portraits and landscapes in both realistic and impressionist style.

The theme of my paintings, village life, is very close to my heart. It’s natural to me to paint those aspects of village life, because I was born and brought up in a village. The simplicity of village life always excited me and inspires me to capture the moments on canvas with immense joy. Whether it is women working in fields or people going with their daily chores in a village alley, every scene has a story to tell and tons of emotions to express.
After all these years, trying to improve my artistic skills, I feel confident to showcase my art to the world. This is my first art show and I am doing this under the guidance of my teacher Usha Shantharam."

Sankar Rao Bhatta

'LETS TAKE A WALK' by artist Sankar Rao Bhatta
acrylic on canvas
size : 20"x24" - inches

In this painting Bhatta has used a rich and intense color scheme of Siennas and Greens combination that are native to the Indian countryside. Having created an unusual perspective in this village scenes, he has playfully used the sunlight and shadow effects to create a cheerful atmosphere of a shepherd leading his herd of sheep to their meal in the meadows. Bhatta has also expertly handled the folds of the white dhoti and typical red towel in this painting.

The view of the shepherd is from the back, and yet it is so easy for the viewer to feel the positive cheerfulness and almost hear the whistling and singing of the shepherd even as he leads his herd to the destination.

Good Luck to Sankara Rao Bhatta.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Art Show by the students of Usha's Art Gurukul scheduled for a May 2011 release in Chitra Kala Parishath

It has been a fascintaing experience to watch the students of my gurukul grow as aritsts in the past 3 years or so.  I have watched them toiling pleaseurably on their canvasas during every minute of their free time during weekends and also after their hectic work at their respective workplaces and B schools during the week!!  By coincidence they are all successful software engineers in reputed companies, who came to me to discover another dimension of their colorful personalities through the medium of fine art. 

Recently I had the feeling that they have acquired enough workmanship abilities to be categorized as full fledged artists.  What better way to prove this point : than by helping them to showcase their artworks in public in a reputed art gallery like the prestigious 'Chitra Kala Parishath' of Bangalore.

So here it is.  It is my pleasure to announce that four students of my art gurukul will be launched into the scintillating world of art by showing their artworks along with me at the 'Chitra Kala Parishad' Bangalore in May 2011.

The scheduled dates are from 16th May 2011 through 25th May 2011.

The students who will be a part of this group show along with me are as follows

Sankar Rao Bhatta
Geethika Karki
Rajit Raghu

So you know the reason for the delay in postings.  It is because we are all working tirelessly with pleasure on our canvases getting prepared for the D day with the blessings of God.

Please look forward to the introduction and display of some of the works of each one of the emerging artists in my future posts.

Here is the first teaser painting - by artist Sankar Rao Bhatta  'HAY STACKING'

HAY STACKING - acrylic painting on canvas
size - 18x24 inches