Sunday, April 24, 2011

Profile of artist Geetika Karki

It is with pleasure I introduce Geetika Karki -  the last contender from 'Usha's Art Class' who will be making her debut as an artist in 'THE DRAWING ROOM MUSINGS' - group art show to be held from 16th May through 25th May 2011 at Chitra Kal Parishath Bangalore. Details of 'The Drawing Room Musings' art show can be seen in the side panel.  

Geetika Karki
                                                                       Cell: 09686400833 

Cheerful Geetika Karki from Nainital is educated in electronics and a software engineer by profession, but an artist at heart. Happily married to a husband whose hobby is nature photography, Geetika has no dearth of referential material to indulge in her passion of painting the forces of nature. A keen learner of the nuances of art, she is ever ready with a pleasant smile and paints her way through the finer strokes of nature.  

An avid lover of nature, Geetika presents a collection of waterscape paintings in the ‘The Drawing Room Musings’ fine art show, where water, sun and the sky play a major role in lighting up her paintings with the cool blues of the evenings or the hot oranges of the noon’s. A patient and careful painter, she keeps strokes to the minimum, and glazes her paintings with the beautiful colours of nature.

Here is what she has to say about herself.

I am Geetika Karki. Born and brought up in Nainital. By education Electronics engineer by profession a Software engineer.

Today I stand here and present myself as an Artist. Having lived in the lap of nature I have seen mostly every shade and creation that nature has. But every other day nature comes back and surprises you with its creativity. Hence since childhood I have been doing drawing and sketching .Every creation would inspire me to further create which led me into exploring various mediums of art (which included pencil, coloured pencils, and water colours).

Painting has been my best friend since childhood. I still remember what all I drew and painted in school (Sunset, Gandhi ji, Manipuri dancer etc). My first still life was a Geranium flower pot as an exam. Beside that I did sketches and painting at home. The ability to make a good art work would always lead and inspire me to make another one and another one.

My quest to master Oils led me to Usha Ma’m who introduced me to Acrylics and since past one year that I have been with associated with her has been imparting her vast knowledge and experience in order make me a master in Acrylics.

For me God is the Ultimate Artist and his creations, the ultimate Masterpiece. What I do paint is what he creates and my whole objective is to be able to re-create his splendid magic on my canvas. Hence all my paintings that I present here have been inspired by the world’s biggest canvas; the sky and water. My paintings consists of the skies and water and hence can be termed as ‘Seascapes’ as I have tried to capture the beauty of the sky in the water.


• 2011 - Participation in ‘Chitra Santhe’ at Chitra Kala Parishad

A sneak peek into the ‘Seascape paintings’ of Geetika Karki.
                                           Sunset –by artist Geetika Karki
                                           acrylic painting on canvas
The orange palette of ‘Sunset’ painting glows with the warmth of the sun, and can almost be felt by the viewer of this painting. Using earthy umbers and purples, apart from the warm oranges, she has used the glazing technique to achieve the effect of brilliance of the sun on her canvas. A rare glimpse of silhouetted clouds with a lone ferry on the glowing sea, and faraway hills in the background, contribute to the beauty of this painting.  
Good Luck to Geetika Karki

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Profile of artist Rajit Raghu

It is with pleasure I introduce Rajith Raghu - software proffessional and the next contender from 'Usha's Art Class' who will be making his debut as an artist in 'THE DRAWING ROOM MUSINGS' - group art show to be held from 16th May through 25th May 2011 at Chitra Kal Parishath Bangalore. Details of 'The Drawing Room Musings' art show can be seen in the side panel.

Super dad Rajith Raghu's agenda for the week includes his duties as a software proffessional, attending classes at the IIMB, strict workout regimens, and family life which includes keeping two very young children enteretained.

He took up the project of painting for the upcoming art show 'The Drawing Room Musings' with a smile on his face and although his contribution may not be big in numbers, his paintings are no mean achievement at all. This only goes to prove that - where there is a will there is a way.

Rajith Raghu presents Indian Figurative paintings of rural people who have impressed his thoughts since his childhood days. He is fascinated by the simple attire they wear and the simple proffessions they persue to earn their daily bread. Contentment is the key word he thinks.

Here is what Rajith Raghu has to say about himself.

Rajith Raghu

Native of Kerala, 39 yrs, Done B.E. Electronics and Communication, Diploma in Business Management, and is pursuing General Management program at IIMB.
Currently working with an IT MNC in Bangalore.


Contact No: +919886633619.

Other than painting my interests are playing outdoor/indoor games like Tennis, Badminton etc and Swimming, Traveling, Long drives, Reading, Movies etc..

Early interest in Art:

My interest in drawing and sketching started while I was in 2nd standard. But I couldn’t put it on a paper neatly. So was a poor artist as a kid. But I had the urge and interest inside to sketch and paint. The breakthrough and turning point came when I was in 10th Std. We had to sketch cross section of ear, parts of insects etc. I was surprised myself after sketching cross section of the ear. The only thing I did was, took time and sketched patiently as I wanted to impress my teacher. After seeing my sketch I was surprised myself and got the confidence that I can draw and sketch.

I am very fascinated and amazed by the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci, Raja Ravi Varma, Michelangelo etc., especially for their resemblance to reality. I also enjoy and admire paintings, sketches done by various artists in magazines and other locations. I try to explore their style and method of painting. All types of arts like Sketching, Painting, Caricature, Cartoons etc fascinates me

I did sketching of mostly curriculum based things like lab apparatus during pre degree classes, engineering drawing at NMAM Institute of Engineering College, Karkala.

In between I sketched faces of few celebrities and did some paintings (water colour, poster paints)..

After a long gap (Busy with work and family).. in 2010, I decided to enhance my painting skills. I joined Usha’s art class. I feel Usha is one of the best teachers I met. She is patient and doesn’t force her ideas on the students. I got very good fundamentals in painting after being part of her classes.

Paintings for Exibition:

Here I chose to depict rural people and their work . My childhood (2 to 5 yrs) was spent at my ancestral home at Etakkad, a small village in Kannur district. Those years were the closest experience I had with rural life. People wore simple dress, no electricity but kerosene lanterns at night, water was manually drawn from well, fire was from firewood and dry leaves, utensils were made of clay or aluminum..people did labor work like carpentry, weaving, yarn spinning, stone cutting for building house etc. Still I felt people lived content. Past few years I have been traveling to different places, I pass by many rural areas. I always liked the simplicity of rural life. People spend their entire life there without the luxury of technology, transport etc. I enjoy watching them at work. Most of them earn by using their skills in different areas. They use simple tools, knowledge from their parents and ancestors and are very good at their work. And the people around them support them for their living. I always wanted to paint and bring an instance of life of those people on canvas, while they are on their job and during leisure time.

Here is a sneak peak into Rajith Raghu's collection of Indian figurative paintings

Turbanman - painting by artist Rajith Raghu
acrylic painting on canvas 
\size: 20"x30" inch

This Turbanman from rural India is engaged in his favourite pass time of his day.   This painting is strikingly close to realism, and may even be called as 'super realism'.  The glare of the sun on the smoke is so vividly painted by artist Rajit Raghu.  The tight folds of the brightly colored turban stands foremost against the tiled wall in the background, giving an earthly look.  The elderly man gazes to his right with a twist in his body that is beautifully executed in this painting.   
'It happens only in India' - as they say it

Good Luck to Rajith Raghu.

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