Monday, November 23, 2009

Painting Still Life in class - How to paint Glass - project

Art Class resumed after a short break of 3 months.

The new project was about - How to paint glass. I arranged a 'still life' setting of a glass vase, and a glass of water with a stainless steel spoon in it. The whole was set up on a wooden table which had a cotton fabric spead on it.

Rajit Raghu and Sankar Bhatta took up this project. Both of them chose a different perspective, sitting on opposite sides of the still life set up; and chose different size formats; and even different color combinations.

It was very inetersting to note the different outlook of these two artists on the same 'Still life - glass' project.
Shankar chose to do a large format painting with a close up view of the glass object, and his choice to color was orange.
Rajit Raghu chose a mid-distanace view of the glass object, and his choice of color was purple.

I was quite impressed and pleased at the final paintings, and wondered whether I could have done any better.

Here are some pics taken during the project, and of the finished paintings by art students Sankar Bhatta and Rajit Raghu.

Sankar's still life painting - glass
Rajit's still life painting - glass

Sankar engrossed in his artwork

Rajit engrossed in his artwork.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Sankar's surprise parting gift.

I closed class in April 2009 , as I was expecting to be preoccupied in the following few months. Sankar came up with a surprise (pleasantly) parting gift that will make any teacher proud. He had done a portrat of me in acrylics on canvas and presented this. Indeed I am a very blessed teacher!
Sankar has captured my likeness very well, as you can see in this portrait; as he is already a very fine charcoal aritst. But the pleasant surprise was because he had done it in color ( acrylic paint on canvas ) as that is what he come to learn. He has cetainly done me very proud.
Here you can see the portrait. Seated with me in the photo is Sankar, and Rajni Rekha- who is also an artist of her own.

still life project

This still life setting is made up of a clay pot, a candle on a candle stand and a sculpture of 'Aries' the Ram (personally sculpted by Janavi - my daughter). The lighting is given from the right side. Sankar and Arthi seated themselves at different angles from the setting and did their respective observations on canvas.
You can see that they have chosen different colors and perspective (closer view and farther view) . Their finished work by both artists was very impressive, as you can see here in the photos. The closer view is done by Sankar, and the farther view is done by Arthi.

Sankar and Arthi are doing their still life project from two different angles.

Sankar with portraits

I was very pleasantly surprised when Sankar presented these charcoal paintings of my granddaughter. Sankar is a great charcoal painting artist, and is a pro at portraits. He has done many portratis of celebrities, and his strong point being - 'expressve eyes'.

Arthi, Balaji, Manju and Sankar enjoying doing art.

Manju, Arthi and Balaji

Manju, Arthi and Balaji are totally absorbed in their respective creative works.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

How it all started

It all started when I started receiving emails from visitors to my main blog, enquiring whether I teach painting! At that time, it had never crossed my mind about teaching.