Monday, November 23, 2009

Painting Still Life in class - How to paint Glass - project

Art Class resumed after a short break of 3 months.

The new project was about - How to paint glass. I arranged a 'still life' setting of a glass vase, and a glass of water with a stainless steel spoon in it. The whole was set up on a wooden table which had a cotton fabric spead on it.

Rajit Raghu and Sankar Bhatta took up this project. Both of them chose a different perspective, sitting on opposite sides of the still life set up; and chose different size formats; and even different color combinations.

It was very inetersting to note the different outlook of these two artists on the same 'Still life - glass' project.
Shankar chose to do a large format painting with a close up view of the glass object, and his choice to color was orange.
Rajit Raghu chose a mid-distanace view of the glass object, and his choice of color was purple.

I was quite impressed and pleased at the final paintings, and wondered whether I could have done any better.

Here are some pics taken during the project, and of the finished paintings by art students Sankar Bhatta and Rajit Raghu.

Sankar's still life painting - glass
Rajit's still life painting - glass

Sankar engrossed in his artwork

Rajit engrossed in his artwork.

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  1. how many artist's do you know that do still life painting?