Saturday, June 18, 2011

TV Media on 'The Drawing Room Musings' group art show.

The TV media were very kind, and aired about our show in many popular channels in Bengaluru. All of us were very excited whenever a TV channel visited our show to take video. All TV media coverd our show extensively showing all the paintings that were displayed, and also interviewed some of us. 

Our show was covered by JanaSri TV, Udaya TV, KF Channel, ACT City TV etc. But I was unable to catch all of them on video.  

Here are the clips that Udaya TV and JanaSri TV aired about our 'The Drawing Room Musings' group art show.  

Janasri TV on 'The Drawing Room Musings'. 

Udaya TV on 'The Drawing Room Musings'. 

The fact that Sankara Rao Bhatta, Sukanya Koosappa, Geetika Karki and Rajith Raghu were not only software proffessionals, but they were multi talented, and did not just stick to desk jobs, but had an artistic dimension in them and found time to pursue their passion - - was beautifully presented on Udaya TV.

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