Thursday, May 20, 2010

'En Plein Air' painting session at the Lal Bagh park at Bangalore.

It is always a refreshing change to paint in the open air to cut the monotony of studio painting.

On the 8th of June 2010, I led my art class to the Lal Bagh of Bangalore for an experience of 'en plein air' painting, 

We spent the first two hours in search of a great scene to paint, (which was in abundance at the park), that also had a shadowy spot close by - to settle down for painting. 

Sankara exploring  the length and breath of Lal Bagh in search for the ideal spot. 
Finally we chose to sit in the shade, by the lakeside - to paint, and decided to capture the beautiful reflections of the palm trees on the lake. The red flowers of the Jacaranda trees on the left provided all the color, and the larger trees on the island at the right side had a halo of birds above it that was irresistable.  

The girls decided to sit together, as they liked the same view of the lake from this bench. 

Sankar settled on a wrought iron garden bench in the shade across the lake and painted from this angle.         

Geethika absorbed in painting. 

Sukanya also absorbed in painting. 
I too took up my paints, and grabbed the opportunity to paint 'en plein air'.  I chose a spot close to my students and settled with my gear to paint.   Here is me painting away during the day on my pochade box.  The painting you see here is in the under-painting stage.  

There was a large audience of onlookers throughout the day, who watched us painting, and liberally threw in many compliments which made our 'plein air' session  a wonderful experience.  

Watch out for the finished paintings of our ' En Plein Air' session in my next blog!!!   

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