Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to paint Stainless- Steel

The question of 'how to paint stainless steel' arose when Sankar was painting a lady wearing metallic jewellery. 

Hence, the subject matter for the next 'still life' project was hit upon!    This new still life project was to be dedicated just to enjoy the experience of painting 'stainless steel' from real life.

So I set up a number of objects that included a water jug, a set of 4 tumblers (glasses), a sweet lime squeezer, and a couple of spoons (all stainless steel); on a table. 

The students carefully chose their views of choice, and sat around the 'still life setting' and started to paint.  In this 'real life experience', photograhic reference was avoided completely.

The students had the choice of selecting their own color combinations.  It was very interesting to note how different each one's perspective is. 

All of them did a wonderful job of capturing the reflections of objects on the stainless steel water jug, and the also the light and shadow effects. 

Geethika's chose to do her painting in shades of yellow and yellow ochre. 

Sankara chose the boldest color scheme, using the complimentary shades of orange and purple for his painting.   

Sukanya chose to use a blue table cloth that is beautifully reflected on the steel jug.  Her perspective was from a far point of view, taking in the whole table and table cloth as well.    

Rajith chose to use pastel shades of pinks for this still life, that made his stainless steel really stand out. 

The whole class completey engrossed in their project  'How to paint stainless steel' - still life

Geethika seated along with the 'stainless steel still life setting', and her own painting.   

We have already decided on what the next project will be.  -   'En Plein Air Painting'.    

 So you can look forward to my next blog that will have pictures of our class trip to the 'Lal Bagh'-  Bangalore.  Here all of us including me did 'plein air paintings' of the beautiful lake, trees and islands of Lal Bagh.  


  1. Hi madam,

    thank you so much for taking time and adding our work here.

  2. Usha. U can give som contribution to Art.!! Thanks
    I always loves good Painting and attempts. -DPSC Bose.